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Adam Sub 10 Mk2 Aktyvus Studijinis Subas

Adam Sub 10 Mk2 Aktyvus Studijinis Subas

    Adam Audio
  • Gamintojas: Adam Audio
  • Prekės kodas: SUB10MK2
  • Garantija: 36 mėn.
  • Pristatymas: per 5-15 d.d.
  • Kaina:
  • 959.00€

  • Kaina be mokesčių:792.56€
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Adam Sub 10 Mk2 is a powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low frequency capabilities of any near or midfield monitoring system down to 25Hz.

A sturdy special woofer with extended cone travel and a heavy-duty coil have been optimized for accurate reproduction from a bass reflex enclosure. The down-firing bass reflex tube avoids intrusive ventilation noise because of its generous size and shape. The PWM amplifier produces over 90% efficiency and can handle critical passages without overheating for long periods of time. An additional output allows you to cascade as many subwoofers as needed.

The Sub10 MK2 subwoofer provides a precise combination of low cutoff frequency (-3 dB at 25Hz) and an undistorted high sound pressure level (113dB at 1m).



  • Design: Active bass reflex speaker

  • Woofer: 10" (260 mm), coated paper

  • Frequency response (± 3 dB): 25Hz - 150Hz var.

  • Panel (rear-mounted): Gain, filter adjustment

  • Power: 200W (sin), 300W (RMS)

  • Inputs: Balanced XLR, Unbalanced RCA

  • Dimensions: 11.8"W x 21.6"H x 15.7"D (300 x 550 x 400mm)

  • Weight: 46 lbs. (21kg)

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