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Korg Volca FM Synthesizer

Korg Volca FM Synthesizer

  • Brand: KORG
  • Product Code: VOLCAFM
  • Warranty: 36 months.
  • Delivery: in 1-3 w.d.
  • Price:
  • 155.00€

  • Ex Tax:128.10€
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The Korg Volca FM is a polyphonic digital synthesizer that completely reproduces a classic FM sound engine. This new addition to Korg's popular Volca series is a three voice digital DM synth that completely reproduces the classic sound engine whilst being portable, easy to use and highly compatible. Easily manipulate distinctive FM sounds and create powerful rhythm patterns with functions such as WARP ACTIVE STEP and PATTERN CHAIN in the Volca's 18 step sequencer. The Volca FM is fully compatible with DX7 sounds, meaning you have thousands of sonic possibilities available to download to the 32 programme slots. Unlike the other products in the Volca range, the FM is digital, but will still fit within your Volca chain thanks to the sync in/out slots, and a MIDI 'in' slot for further connectivity. Plus, with its compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker, it's easy to take the Volca anywhere and perform any time.


  • True FM synthesis

  • 3-voice polyphonic FM synthesizer, fully compatible with classic unit

  • Super-easy sound editing

  • Onboard CHORUS effect

  • Volca-style sequencing and more

  • 16-step sequencer allows to automate each parameters

  • WARP ACTIVE STEP, ARPEGGIATOR and PATTERN CHAIN make crazy looping rhythms and patterns

  • High playability

  • Synchronise two volca FM units

  • Compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker


  • Type: FM synthesis

  • Maximum Polyphony: 3 voices

  • Structure: 6 operators, 32 algorithms

  • Number of Programs: 32

  • Main Edits: Modulator (Attack, Decay), Carrier (Attack, Decay), LFO (Rate, P.Depth), Algrtm, Available to edit full parameters for each operator in Edit Mode

  • Controls: Transpose, Velocity, Octave, Arp (Type, Div)

  • Arpeggiator Types: 9 (each 3 patterns of "Rise", "Fall", and "Random")

  • Voice Modes: Poly, Mono, Unison

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