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Korg MS-20 Mini Synthesizer

Korg MS-20 Mini Synthesizer

  • Brand: KORG
  • Product Code: MS-20-Mini
  • Warranty: 36 months.
  • Delivery: in 7-15 w.d.
  • Price:
  • 599.00€

  • Ex Tax:495.04€
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The Korg MS-20 Mini is a highly-compact, monophonic analog synthesizer designed to replicate the original engineering of the Korg MS-20, used by the likes of The Prodigy, Daft Punk and whole host of legendary musicians.


  • Overseen by the engineers of the original MS-20, a complete replication of the original analog circuitry

  • 2VCO / 2VCA / 2VCF / 2EG / 1LFO structure

  • Self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters with distinctive distortion

  • External signal processor (ESP)

  • Extremely flexible patching system

  • Miniature MS-20 that's 86% of the original size

  • MIDI IN and USB connector

  • Replicates every detail of the original, down to the package binding and the included manual

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