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Fender Bronco 40 - Bosinės Gitaros Stiprintuvas (Kubas)

Fender Bronco 40 - Bosinės Gitaros Stiprintuvas (Kubas)

  • Tootja: Fender
  • Mudel: 2302003900
  • Warranty: 36 months.
  • Delivery: in 1-10 w.d.
  • Hind:
  • 289.00€

  • Maksudeta:238.84€
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Fender's new Bronco 40 is a compact, lightweight bass combo amp that kicks out a wealth of inspiring tones. It's loaded with versatile preset amps and built-in effects that make it any bassist's perfect personal-practice and recording companion. With free Fender FUSE software and USB computer connectivity, creating, editing, storing, and sharing your sounds is easy.

The Bronco 40 is an amazing value for bass players who enjoy having sonic options that enhance their creativity. Features include a punchy Fender Special Design 10" speaker, eight distinctive amp models, digital effects (including chorus, reverb, delay, envelope filter, flanger, phaser, octave and more with Fender FUSE), compressor, chromatic tuner, auxiliary input, headphone jack, USB port for computer/ Fender FUSE connectivity, XLR output, and optional single-button footswitch (stores two quick-access presets).



10" Fender Special Design speaker

8 amp models: Rumble, '59 Bassman, Bassman TV, Bassman 300, Redhead, Rockin' Peg, KGB800, Monster

Onboard FX: Modern Bass Overdrive, Overdrive, Fuzz, Greenbox, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibratone, Envelope Control Filter, Octave, Step Filter, Delay and Reverb

24 onboard stored presets (unlimited with Fender FUSE and computer)

USB connectivity for connecting to Fender FUSE and for digital recording

XLR output for quality studio recording

Two "quick access" presets can be stored to an optional 1-button footswitch (sold separately, Fender model # 099-4049-000)

The power you need to practice and perform effectively. Order now!


Bronco 40 40W 1x10 Bass Combo Amp

18"W x 15-1/4"H x 11-1/4"D

30 lb.

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