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Akai Midimix

Akai Midimix

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The Akai MIDImix is designed to give you tactile control of your DAW mixer's controls. Featuring Akai Professional's famous build quality and cutting-edge engineering, the MIDImix combines the intuitive layout of a traditional mixer with 8 individual line faders with a master fader, 24 control knobs arranged 3 per channel and finally, 1 to 1 mapping with Ableton Live. the MIDImix gives you the ability to send all the mixers settings to the DAW with a single press of a button, for unprecedented management and precise control over the DAW's functionality. Allowing artists to mix and modify/manipulate projects concurrently in real time, giving a much wider array of creative options as a result of the far greater creative flexibility.


  • MIDI Mixer to Control Virtually Any DAW

  • 8 Individual Line Faders with 1 Master Fader

  • 24 Knobs, Arranged 3 Per Channel

  • 8 Buttons Arranged in 2 Banks

  • Mute, Solo and Record Arm Functionality Per Channel

  • Send All Mixer Settings to the DAW with a Single Button Press

  • 1 to 1 Mapping with Ableton Live (Ableton Live Lite Included)

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